Read on to see how our team has innovated to design creative solutions to different client requests & challenges

  • Client: E-ON
  • Project: Incentive program
  • Audience: 55 delegates from Spain, Portugal and Germany
  • Location: Vilamoura, Algarve (Portugal)
  • Duration: 4 days

A motivational oriented incentive program in the Algarve area.

Before the arrival to the hotel (Grande Real Santa Eulalia Resort & Spa *****) the delegates did 3 in-site inspections to wind energy generator parks that the company has in the way between Seville and the final destination.

After the themed reception with some regional food specialities, white wines and live music, the group had the oportunity to enjoy of a intense 4 days activities program. The main objective during the whole stay were to reinforce team integration & communication skills.

Under the claim “THE BLUE OCEAN EXPERIENCE”, the program included a competitive challenge in Canico’s beach (BEACH OLYMPICS), an aquatic meeting (DANCING WITH DOLPHINS) in which the group lived unique sensations interacting and swimming with dolphins at Zoomarine and an exclusive trip in a «goleta» around some of the most beautiful natural landscapes.

During the nights the group enjoyed several parties in so singular and exclusive spaces like Le Club, Arabesques Exclusive Club, «G do Lago» and the Casino in Vilamoura’s Marina area.

  • Client: Novo Nordisk Pharma
  • Project: Congress
  • Audience: 120 delegates from Spain & Portugal
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 3 days

Planning and development of an annual meeting for a multinational pharmaceutical company.

On this occasion one of our clients with whom we collaborate regularly, commissioned us to develop and produce their annual sales convention. The chosen destination was Madrid.

In successive previous meetings, the creative team, working together with the HR and marketing department, defined the main objectives, claim, image and all the communication details. The final idea was based on the concept of «BUILD» and from it all the pieces and materials were elaborated, based on the popular blocks and Lego figures.

Incentivegroup was in charge of selecting and managing all related with the hotel (meeting rooms, hospitality desk, rooming, catering, …), audiovisual equipment, stage, workshop design, team building activity, motivational speakers, transportation, gala dinner venue, final anniversary ceremony, etc.

  • Client: Cheniere Energy
  • Project: Gala Dinner with life concert
  • Audience: 400 delegates
  • Location: Llotja del Mar Palace (Barcelona), Spain
  • Duration: 1 day

Placido Domingo, indisputably one of the world’s greatest opera stars and 400 executives, business owners, politicians, ambassadors and key players in the global energy sector gather in a magnificent neoclassical palace.

The ceremony began with a cocktail reception, followed by a gala dinner and private performance by the internationally acclaimed opera singer Placido Domingo, who was accompanied by soprano Virginia Tola.
The venue and organization alone exceeded all expectations. The elegant design and extensive use of space were harmoniously integrated with the building and its surroundings by the lighting effects, ephemeral ornamentation, natural décor, and flower arrangements created by renowned Australian designer Donna Staín.

The embellishment and use of the various rooms of the palace generated an atmosphere that was warm and welcoming, while at the same time surprising. No detail was overlooked, from the plush red carpet upon arrival to the entrance of the Salón de Contratación, where colorful projections and the play of light and shadow imbued a melodious ambiance to the evening’s opening act.

Guests enjoyed a dinner service complete with lavish accessories, linens and furniture in the Rococo style. The prestigious, well-known chef Sergi Arola and his staff carried out the catering. Mr. Arola was present throughout to direct and supervise the banquet, and alternatively prepared vegetarian, kosher and other specialty menus in consideration of the diverse requirements of our guests.

In a classic orchestral arrangement, 40 members of the Valles Symphony accompanied the great Tenor for the duration of his performance. In under two days, INCENTIVEGROUP’s senior design and construction team recreated a stage and dressing rooms characteristic of an international opera house. From behind the scenes, one mobile unit brought the whole immaculate ceremony to life.

The evening’s climax occurred after a winning performance and long and resounding ovation, when the tenor from Madrid personally greeted the guests. The attendees were fortunate to receive such a gift on this special and memorable occasion.

Cheniere Energy, based in Texas (USA), sponsored the gala dinner, which was held in recognition of the participants of LNG15, the international energy congress that gracefully shared the limelight with the event’s principal act.

More than 90 people from INCENTIVEGROUP – EXTRAVAGANZA!’s team covered all aspects related to the general management, production, formalities, catering, logistics and security of this remarkable event.

  • Client: AMADEUS
  • Project: Kick oof meeting + team building activity
  • Audience: 80 delegates from 12 different nationalities
  • Location: Chinchón (Madrid), Spain
  • Duration: 1 day

Original Team Building program with an intense local culture inmersion using as conductive interactive guide «the Painting».

After welcoming the group, all participants were divided in teams and identified with Berets of different colors. Protected with painter’s suits the participants had to used specific pictorial material to compose and create different designs working under the FUTURE OF TRAVEL inspirational leit motiv.
The event included a dynamic and playful program in order to increase communication and interpersonal skills. The main benefit was to reinforce the teamwork as well as the awareness of team roles and personality traits.

The activities included creative composition skills in mural, collage, scenic arts and team synchrony. The event culminate with the joint assembly of all the created elements, the result was a spectacular «ultramodern style» wall painting of 80 m2.